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19 March 2013

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 19MAR2013

Japanese scientists to examine Chebarkul meteor fragments
The Voice of Russia
NASA said the meteor was 17 meters wide and weighed 10,000 tones before entering the atmosphere, releasing about 500 kilotons of energy. Last time such huge meteor, known as the Tunguska meteor, hit the Earth in 1908. Voice of Russia, TASS, BBC ...

The real reason why Russian drivers captured last month's meteor in perfect detail
Yahoo! News UK
The real reason why Russian drivers captured last month's meteor in perfect detail. Dumfounded drivers filmed last month's meteor hit from their own cars - all thanks to 'dashboard cameras' millions of Russians have installed on their front windscreens ...

Large bolide meteor shoots across Carolina sky
First Warn Storm Team Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich says he received lots of reports of a large bolide meteor shooting across the Carolina sky on Saturday night. People from Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia and both Carolina reported seeing the fireball.

Meteor Strike | NOVA (premieres Wed. March 27th at 9/8c on PBS)
Within days, armed with this unprecedented crowd-sourced material, NOVA crews hit the ground in Russia along with impact scientists as they hunted for fragments from the explosion and clues to the meteor's origin and makeup. Their conclusions add up to ...

Meteor streaks across Midwest sky |
Meteor streaks across Midwest sky. A meteor was seen across parts of nine states Friday ...

Russian classroom meteor explosion on MSN Video
This is a video taken from a classroom when the meteor exploded over Russia. It must have ...

Meteor Strike | NOVA (premieres Wed. March 27th ...
31 sec
Meteor Strike A blinding flash of light streaked across the Russian sky, followed by a ...

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